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STANDARD DOK QUESTION STEMS/SAMPLE QUESTIONS L. 9-10.4 2-What is an example of [a target word] as it is used in paragraph 4?-Select the two phrases that have the same meaning as [a target phrase]. ELA AIR QUESTION STEMS. From Depth of Knowledge – Descriptors, Examples and Question Stems for Increasing Depth of Knowledge in the Classroom Developed by Dr. Norman Webb and Flip Chart developed by Myra Collins. Title: Microsoft Word - OLA-dok question stems-Spanish.docx Author: SReyes Created Date. Depth of Knowledge DOK Question Stems Examples. Depth of Knowledge Levels Chart. Group Member Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. Research and Library Database.

Title: Microsoft Word - Depth of Knowledge handout for PD with stems on front and possible activities with roles on back-2.docx Created Date: 20150421000113Z. I have been using Webb's Depth of Knowledge to develop questions for my students and work towards making these questions at a level 3 or 4. Here's an explanation about DOK. To review the difference between mass and weight, I show the students the following YouTube video. For this lesson I am evaluating the students' work based on my observations. Opening Question: What do you. We took out a couple of the multiple choice questions to make more room for constructed response and raise the DOK level of the questions. Depth of Knowledge DOK is a method of adding complexity to questions and activities. DOK Question Stems. Closure. 3 minutes.

Parent Question Stems for ELA By Meghan Everette. Grades PreK–K, 1–2, 3–5 A similar scene plays out at least once every time conferences roll around. A concerned parent will bemoan, “We do read every night. I do ask questions!” and I truly do believe. Blooms and DOK Leveled Essential Question Stems Reading Comprehension. DOK Question Stems. DOK 1. • Can you recall_____? • When did ____ happen?. expose every student to grade level and above ELA concepts, lift all students using Socratic learning. Developing Higher Order Thinking Questions Using Webb’s Depth of Knowledge DOK. A scale of cognitive demand thinking to align standards with assessments. Defines the “ceiling” or highest DOK level for each Core Content standard for the state assessment. Guides item development for state assessments. Applying Webb’s DOK Levels.

Sample Question Stems Based on Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy Analyze Evaluate Create What is the function of ? What’s fact? Opinion? What assumptions ? What statement is relevant? What motive is there? What conclusions? What does the author believe? What does the author assume? State the point of view ofWhat ideas apply? Identify research questions and design investigations for a scientific problem. Develop a scientific model for a complex situation. Depth of Knowledge DOK Levels Webb, Norman L. and others. “Web Alignment Tool” 24 July 2005. Wisconsin Center of Educational Research.

DOK 3: Create a post-test using ten questions related to the content. Make sure to use a variety of questions. DOK 4: Create an advertising poster or brochure that promotes tourism. Include natural resources, tourism, industries, landmarks/landforms. Webb's Depth of Knowledge or DOK is foundational to understanding the cognitive demand of the CCSS. You will find these resources valuable as you begin to create higher level questions and learning tasks for your students.

Common Core ELA Standards and Objectives Guide. Objective DOK Sample Stems Reading Key Ideas & Details R.CCR.1 Read closely to determine. conclusions drawn from the text. Use graphic organizers to record details. 1 All except questions 2 All of the following details suggest X, except Identify what a given line indicates. Depth of Knowledge DOK was developed through research by Norman L. Webb in the late 1990’s. It is defined as the complexity or depth of understanding that is required to answer an assessment question. Language Arts Levels of Depth of Knowledge Norman L. Webb Nevada Reading DOK Level Descriptors. Level 1: Recall. Tasks at this level include the recall of facts or use of basic skills. They require a basic or literal understanding of text presented and often consists of verbatim recall from text or simple understanding of a single word or phrase. As you create your next social studies assignment, considering these DOK tips will help you test for the desired depth of student understanding. When you construct questions in Edulastic you can keep track of the level of your DOK question stems for social studies questions by labeling the item with the appropriate DOK level in the right-hand menu. to right on the chart and as you go from DOK 1 to DOK 4. A second chart, again from Hess, shows student and teacher roles for each DOK level along with question stems that generally fit with that level. For additional information and insights regarding Hess’ Cognitive Rigor Matrix visit karin Suggested activities with teachers.

Text Dependent Questions Shift Kit. The Text-Dependent Questions Kit was designed to give teachers and administrators some background information on what is expected for student achievement with the Common Core State Standards CCSS in the area of creating text-dependent questions for close analytic reading. You are all familiar with Norman L. Webb’s “Depth‐of‐Knowledge Levels for Four Content Areas.” Here are some ideas about how to address DoK in Reading assessments. I’ll explore DoK for writing and math in the coming weeks. For now, DoK Reading: DoK Reading -Level 1.

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